Friday, April 15, 2011

Computer Cord Saga: The Conclusion

So my brother got home Wednesday night and on Thursday morning he called me saying the computer cord was not in the apartment.

The worst case scenario poppped in my head first - What if it fell out of a bag on the sidewalk?

But I calmly decided to double-check all my bags and the car.

(I haven't exactly unpacked anything...I've just been rifling through it all for the past few days)

As soon as I left work last night, I checked the car.

No go.

So I decided to check Quincy's backpack.

It's a spiderman backpack.

He rocks it.

Anyway, I SWEAR I looked in the bag when I first went looking for the cord on Monday.

In fact, it was unzipped.

I guess I didn't check the little front pocket though.

I mean, why would I? It's small. I didn't think the cord would fit in there.

Well, evidently I did think the cord would fit in there when I put it in there on Saturday because there it was.

In all it's black, tangled glory.

I can't believe I've been using my old college Dell when I didn't have to...

although it's certainly made me appreciate my current computer a lot more.

I'm still trying to resist taking Black Beauty in my arms and hugging him.

PS. On a completely unrelated subject, can anyone tell me how the points system is different from the new points plus system?? (weight watchers points)

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