Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm OK.

So last night was crazy.

Tornadoes everywhere.

The news had a running timetable for towns--You have 1 minute to seek shelter, You have 4 minutes to seek shelter, etc.

It's was scary.

Winds were topping 80mph.

Tornadoes touched down just 30 minutes away on all sides of me--N, S, E, and W.

Metro Atlanta--within the perimeter--seems to have been spared from actual tornadoes.

That includes me.

Here's some photos of the tornado destruction in the areas 30 minutes from me:

See the tornado in the 3rd picture down? Power was going out all over the place so a lot of people couldn't get the news on the tv and they only saw the tornadoes when lightning struck. It's a scary thing to see crazy lightning and then out of the corner of your eye at the same time you see this massive thing barrelling towards you (or away from you). I know the tornado that hit Tuscaloosa was a MILE wide.

That 2nd picture is actually Midtown/Buckhead. They were not hit with a tornado. But the picture is crazy.

I'm feeling very lucky and blessed this morning, but so sad for all the devastation others are facing.

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  1. Glad you are okay!

    My cousin goes to Alabama and posted a video she took from her bathroom window of the tornado that ended up less than 500 yards from her apartment. So scary and horrible!