Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So yesterday at work I discovered that my computer cord wasn't in my computer bag. I had emptied a bunch of stuff out of it onto the couch that morning so I figured I just left it at the apartment.

Then I went home. And the cord was not on the couch or chair.

So I checked the car...maybe it fell out into the trunk.


So I went back in and checked all the bags (there were many).


Then I remembered that my computer bag had been full when I was packing up my stuff at my brother's apartment and set it aside until I could make room for it.

Can you guess where I'm going with this?

The cord is still at my brother's in NYC.

And he's still in England.

And I'm in Atlanta.

So now I get to use my old Dell from college this week. It's a good 6 years old.

Which is ancient in computerland.

Boy is it slow. And Small. I'm having issues with the keyboard.

And my Clear internet is not installed.

Which means no hulu or netflix until at least Saturday night.

I can't help but think, "If only I'd gone ahead and bought the macbook..." Cuz, if you lose or forget or whatever your electrical cord thing on a mac, you just pop over to the nearest Apple store and buy a new one. Any other brand and you have to have it special ordered.

My next computer will be a mac.

But Lord knows when that will be.

There are more pressing matters...like a new phone. And getting to Cali. And a treadmill. And cardio barre. And paying off my car. And a washer and dryer. Yeah...being grown-up kinda sucks. Can I go back to the days when I didn't have to pay for anything please?

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