Friday, April 8, 2011

Strangers In The Night...

hahaha this picture cracks me up.

It's like I caught them doing something--like that picture that went around of the dog and cat canoodling on a couch a while back.

And that song plays in my mind...

"Strangers in the night, la dee da da da, strangers in the night..."

Ok, so the only part of that song I know is the first 4 words.

Today is my last full day in the city.

I hate to leave the city.

I don't hate to leave Amelia (puggle) though.

She puts the 'terrible 2's' to shame.

But then she sleeps and she's adorable.

Quincy is definitely ready to leave.

I feel like the two of them are about to come to blows.

Quincy keeps trying to take Amelia's bones.

Which does not make Amelia a happy camper.

And I just apologize to Quincy and sneak him one of his treats.

Cuz I forgot to bring his bones.

And I'm ready for new sleeping arrangements.

I sleep diagonally with one dog in each corner. But then they both get as close as possible and I can't even turn my body in any direction.

And Amelia steals all the blankets.

The first night Amelia was under the blanket, completely hidden from view, and Quincy accidentally laid on her. That was a fun moment...and the reason I started sleeping diagonally.

They both love to taunt each other in their own ways. Amelia gets in Quincy's face and follows him around like an annoying kid brother, while Quincy will lay on one of Amelia's toys or take one of her bones, or just lay by me and stare at Amelia.

Tomorrow I head to Jersey for half a day or so before heading back to Atlanta really really early via Virginia Beach (it's only an extra 2-3 hours and I want to see Regent's campus).

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  1. ANIMAL DRAMAAAAA. My favorite kind. :)
    Hahaha - too cute. :) Love the guilty looks! Drive safe jaxstar!