Friday, April 1, 2011

woot woot!

Gotta get through the work day and then I'm outta here!

Driving up to NYC tonight.

I know, I'm insane.

I drive 13 hours through the night by myself without sleeping.

It actually ends up being 14-15 with all the stops I make between 2:30am and sunrise.

I have to stop to wake up.

I was going to stop and get a hotel for 4 hours of sleep, but I just don't really have time. Or money. Hotels are expensive. And I can't stay in dumps. Plus I'll have the dog with me.

But it's ok. I do stop when I get tired. And I'll be drinking a lot of caffeine.

And I have a trick. I suck on blow pops. That helps keep me awake.

No joke.

So about 8 or 9am tomorrow I should be getting into the city...and then finding a parking spot on the street cuz I'm not really okay with paying upwards of $30/day to park my car in a garage lot.

Then I have to lug my crap. I would have less stuff if New York would cooperate and not be cold in April. But it's not going to cooperate so I have to bring my coats. And my professional business clothes. And all my other clothes. And shoes. I am going to be there for 8 days. Still don't have an umbrella though...really need to get one. And the dog. I'll have him and his stuff (food, blanket, bear)...I'll probably just find the parking spot, take the dog to my brother's apartment and drag him, zach and carnie back to the car to help me unload.

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  1. i would drive to new york just for the blow pops. #sugarFAST :(