Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh my Oh my

I am officially closer to 30 than 20.


But anyway, yesterday was Mother's Day and today is my birthday.

My mom was only a year older than I am when she had me.

No pressure.

But Mother's Day and my birthday have always been in the same week--and sometimes on the same day (like last year).

So a small collection of photos for mothers day/my birthday:

Don't you love my bonnet?

Exactly 25 years ago at my 1st bday. The cake ended up all over me and that pretty dress.

Halloween not bday, but I'm so freaking cute in my minnie mouse costume I had to add it.

4th birthday. Do I know how to feed a baby or what?

high school graduation. My makeup is horrible in this picture.

I went to Nashville this past weekend. Aunt and Uncle took me to a dinner theater that was fun. Sunday I went to the middle of nowhere in northern Alabama because my friend Heather from college was there with her mom to do some tornado relief work this week so I went to hang out with them for a bit before going back to Nashville.

I was too tired to drive back to Atlanta last night, so I left at 3am today. I hit traffic in GA and got home at 8:40 to drop off the dog before turning around and heading into work.

This is the first time I've ever worked on my birthday. In college I got out at least a couple days before my birthday and then didn't work till mid-May. I've had complete freedom on my birthday every year since high school. And then I didn't have a job in 2008, and my bday was on the weekend in 2009 and 2010. But I couldn't convince anyone to give me a special extra paid holiday...and I have a lot of work to do this week so here I am. Half-asleep. I have push-notification on my phone for facebook so it keeps dinging for posts and texts. Makes me feel good so I refuse to turn it to vibrate. But I still wish I was in jersey or cali right now. Oh well. I guess ya gotta grow up sometime...unfortunately.

Also, I've decided that the numbers no longer are going to go up. Until I actually look 26, I'll be 25. When I look 26, I'll be 26...though I may technically be 30 by then. But I'm also not turning 30 until I'm married. Mind over Matter people. Mind. Over. Matter.


  1. Happy Birthday, Jax! To make you feel better, I'm almost closer to 40 than 30. Which means I'm pretty much dead. So it could be worse. ;)

  2. Happy Birthday Jaxie! :) I'm savoring every moment I have left til 30...there are only a few of them to go...wahhh.

    Enjoy your 20's. You still have plenty of time left. :) <3 ya!