Thursday, May 5, 2011


House Key.

(And mailbox key)

I usually have them separated from my car key and office key.

It's never been a problem.

Until today.

Since his surgery on Tuesday, I've had to go home about 1pm to give the dog a painkiller.

Not a problem.

That time of day it takes me 9-11 minutes to get home.

The problem is when you get to your front door and realize your house key is still in your workbag which is still at the office.

Also, I always say "front door" but I only have one door.

My jersey apartment had 2 doors. One was a dutch door. I had that puppy shrink-wrapped to high heaven in the winter.

Anyway, back to relevancy.

I had to drive back to work to get my keys, then back to the apartment because I couldn't not give Quincy his pill because then his mouth would bug him and he'd start fussing and then I'd end up with blood all over his room because he would've ripped his stitches.

I'm a worst case scenario person when it comes to the dog.

I fed him some rice with wet food, hid his pill in a little bit of cheese (muenster), walked him and put him back in his room, grabbed my yogurt and went back to work.

And good news, the anesthesia is pretty much out of his system now. I can probably pick up all the sheets and towels off the floor...I learned the first time what anesthesia does to him. It ain't pretty. So I cover the entire carpet with sheets and towels just in case there's no time to grab the leash and put it on him and get him outside.

And yes, I then wash all of them.

And yes, the people at the laundrymat look at me like I'm crazy.

And not just cuz I'm the only white person.

That's not racist, it's just the truth.

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